Conval Introduces Camseal Top-Entry Ball Valves

Camseal top-entry, zero-leakage forged ball valves are suited for severe power generation environments. The valves are available in ½” through 4” sizes with top entry, socket weld, butt weld, flanged and full port ends. Pressure classes range from ASME 900 through 4500. N and NPT stamped valves are available for nuclear applications

The Camseal design features zero body, seat and stem leakage on stand-alone and actuated valves, according to the company. Tests reportedly show zero leakage at hydrostatic test to 7,750 psi measured in cc/minute over a two-minute test period, and zero leakage at gas test to 1,000 psi measured in cc/minute over periods of up to four minutes. Valves are manufactured in the U.S. to global QA qualifications including ASME, ISO 9001, PED, API Q1, IBR, PCT Gost-R and RCC-M. The cartridge is easily removed for on-site parts inspection, replacement, reassembly and reinstallation. No welding is required.

The Camseal ball valve includes stem-ball engagement, superior bearing support, enhanced chrome carbide coating and integral ISO-5211 mounting pad.



Camseal group shot of valves
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