Airslide Inlet Tray Promotes Smooth Product Advance

The Witte Company introduced an airslide inlet tray that prevents sticky materials from clumping at the entry of vibrating fluid bed dryers and coolers. Installed within the infeed section where material enters the drying system, the airslide inlet tray directs the heated airstream through a series of small openings in the stainless steel plate that face downstream and parallel to the infeed deck. Incoming products begin drying immediately and advance to the primary drying zone while the potential for sticky products to block up the infeed is virtually eliminated, according to the company.

The airslide inlet tray is suitable for use in drying and cooling sugar, salt, flour, spices, powdered milk, algae, wood pulp, sludge, paper, manure and other sticky products. The Witte airslide inlet tray is offered as a custom option on new machinery and is available for retrofit on Witte units in the field. The dryer tray may be accessed and removed for cleaning.


Witte Airslide Inlet Tray Prevents Clumping at Infeed
Powders and solids
Product Type:
Feeding, dispensing and dosing