Self-Loading Regulator Valves Offer Enhanced Features

Cashco, Inc. updated and improved its SLR-1 and SLR-2 self-loading regulator valves. The SLR-1 consists of a DA4 high-performance, pressure-loaded, flow-to-open pressure-reducing regulator with either a Cashco P1 or Fairchild Model 10 pressure-reducing regulator mounted onto it. The inlet of the main valve diverts into the P1/Fairchild, which in turn reduces the pressure to the required level inside the cover dome to maintain the set point of the main valve. If a user needs to shut down a system or reduce the outlet rating of the main valve, the built-in, self-relieving feature on the P1/Fairchild releases the gas to the atmosphere as the adjusting screw is backed out, thus ‘dumping’ the dome.

The SLR-2 self-loading regulator valve employs a P1/Fairchild valve mounted onto a DA4 pressure-reducing regulator. Unlike the SLR-1, the P1/Fairchild used on the SLR-2 is not self-relieving. Instead, the cover dome pressure constantly bleeds through a filter and check valve and dumps back into the outlet of the main valve. The SLR-2 is suitable for hydrogen gas, natural gas and sour gas (NACE) applications, according to the company.

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