Schneider Electric Introduces Altivar Process Drives

Schneider Electric releases Altivar Process – a new range of drives from 1HP to 1500HP with embedded intelligent services. Altivar Process helps applications perform efficiently through embedded process knowledge, configurable on-board dashboards and a graphical HMI display designed to deliver information specifically oriented to the customer’s application.

Altivar Process incorporates a secure, integrated web server and motor power monitoring. Altivar Process reduces energy usage by adapting to operating changes.

The drive can dynamically generate QR codes and direct operators to specific technical information via their mobile devices. The drive also provides QR codes for instant access to comprehensive support information and can assist in contacting a Schneider Electric customer care center when needed.

Altivar Process incorporates 70 percent or greater of recyclable content and is in compliance with RoHS and REACH standards. The drive features conformal coatings, functional machine safety inputs and the ability to continuously operate at 50 degrees Celsius.

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