ITT Industrial Process Introduces i-ALERT2 Monitor

The i-ALERT2 is a Bluetooth Smart-enabled machine health monitor that allows identifying potential problems with rotating equipment before they become costly failures. It tracks vibration, temperature and run-time hours and wirelessly syncs the data with a smartphone or tablet through the i-ALERT2 mobile app. The app allows viewing of real-time and historical data, diagnostic information and machine records. The monitor is chemical resistant, and rated for extreme temperatures (-40 to 84°C, -40 to 183°F) and operation in environments with explosive gases, dust and fibers. It has a wireless range of up to 100 feet (30 meters); a mobile device can scan multiple i-ALERT2 devices at once. The monitor is easy to install on the company’s pumps and also can be put on a wide variety of rotating equipment from numerous vendors via a simple optional adapter.

ITT i alert2
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ITT Corporation