Rounded Blade Gate Handles Abrasive Materials

Vortex Valves announces the newest addition to its Titan Series line of valves. The RBG (rounded blade gate) is suitable for handling abrasive materials and for applications that may require metering. The rapid actuation of the blade can quickly start and stop the flow of material, which also makes it suitable for controlling flow rates.  The RBG can be equipped with a wide variety of actuation choices including pneumatic, electric and hydraulic.

 The valve has been designed to meet demanding applications when handling highly abrasive materials such as minerals, frac sand, fly ash and whole grains. The RBG gate handles dry material in gravity flow applications where positive material shut-off and dust tight sealing are required. The gate features a replaceable bonnet seal while the valve is in-line reducing operating downtime.

The precision-cut elastomer seals minimize material leakage to atmosphere providing a safer and cleaner working environment. To extend the life of the gate, the RGB has abrasion resistant liners that can be replaced as wear points develop from abrasive materials.

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