Quick Flow Function Test Nine Minutes Faster Than Standard

Brookfield announced the Quick 5-Point Flow Function Test is now integrated into Powder Flow Pro Software, version 1.3 (build 23). This quick new test can be accomplished in about 16 minutes as compared to the Standard 5-Point Flow Function Test, which takes about 25 minutes to complete. This time reduction allows for more rapid QA/QC checks on production powder batches. The predecessor to this test, the Quick Standard 2-Point Flow Function Test, only provided data for the lowest and highest consolidated stress values.     

The 5-Point Test provides the operator with five predefined consolidation stress measurements. These five points of data are then used to provide a more accurate representation of the powder’s flow characteristics, through a hopper or feeder system. This allows manufacturers to predict potential flow problems before they occur and make necessary adjustments to improve production and product quality.

Free sample testing is available from Brookfield and authorized dealers to illustrate the comparative data from the Quick Test and the Standard Flow Function Test.