Glass Bob Sensor Measures Silica Levels in Fracking Sand

BinMaster recently launched a glass bob sensor that has been designed for measuring the level of silica sand, commonly referred to as frack sand, in bins, tanks or silos. This type of sand is commonly used in the process of fracking when mining for natural gas. The glass bob sensor can also be applied in other industries where silica and other types of sand are used.

Measuring the level of silica or frack sand can create unique difficulties. If a sensor gets stuck in the material in the bin, it can get caught in the mechanical systems and stop production, leading to wasted time and expensive repair costs. The glass bob sensor can be used in place of a traditional steel spike bob when the user wants to eliminate the risk of a metal part being introduced into the production process.

Acting as an automated tape measure, the sensor takes measurements at predetermined time intervals or on demand. The glass bob sensor drops toward the material surface, and when it makes contact with the surface, it immediately retracts. By counting pulses it calculates a measurement from the top of the silo to the material surface.

The glass bob sensor is compatible with other products, software and accessories in the SmartBob product line. It can be used in a mixed network of SmartBobs that are measuring other materials. Measurements from the sensor can be displayed along with data from all other tanks in the operation when the C-100 console or eBob software is being used.

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