Electric Actuated Ball Valves Include NEMA 4X Enclosures

Clark Solutions has launched its 8E Series electric-actuated ball valves. The ball valves are available in models, each with a wide range of configurations and options. 8E ball valves can be adapted to the individual requirements of OEMs, as well as commercial and industrial users.

The valves are more compact in size because of an integrated-component design. Additionally, 8E ball valves feature a low-torque valve stem/seat design that’s designed to use less power than typical actuated ball valves, with some models configured to consume as little as 25mA.

All of the 8E electric-actuated ball valve models are direct mount.  Actuator voltage alternatives include 12V DC/AC, 24V DC/AC or 100-240 VAC and a 5K potentiometer is available as an option. 8E electrically actuated ball valves standard features include two auxiliary limit switches, a built-in torque limiter, a position indicator, manual override, on/off operation and a temperature-activated heater.

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