Distribution and Management System Secures Supply of High-Pressure, High-Flow Gases

Concoa’s 544 Series IntelliSwitch IIv, designed to routinely switch between two gas sources without interruption, offers high-flow, high-pressure switching in demanding applications and environments.  The series is suitable for automation projects involving high-pressure gases and efficient management of gaseous withdrawal from any source including cryogenic liquid cylinders, high-pressure cylinder banks, tube trailers, generators, compressors or bulk.

 Proprietary economization software nearly eliminates liquid cylinder vent loss and substantially reduces residual return.  Switching is actuated as inlet pressure falls below a user-defined point by means of a web interface or a serial port.  A web server allows for remote monitoring and e-mail notification of events to users.

The series includes contact closures for use with Concoa Advantium alarms or integration into existing systems and is compatible with all inert nonflammable gases at pressures up to 4500 PSIG (210 BAR).  With a Cv of 1.0 and ½-inch porting and equipped with a rugged NEMA 4 enclosure standard, 544 Series IntelliSwitch IIv can accommodate flows of nitrogen up to 6000 SCFH (2800 SLPM) at 2000 PSIG (140 BAR) without pressure regulation.

Fluid handling
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