Controller Delivers Remote Operation

Ingersoll Rand introduced the ARO Controller, which works with ARO EXP Series Electronic Interface pumps and can be integrated with many existing ARO EXP pumps when an electronic interface package is added. Together, the products deliver a fully automated, multi-pump system for batching and container and tank filling, according to the company.

The multi-pump ARO Controller can be programmed with remote triggers customized to the application in which it’s being used. The ARO Controller responds to those triggers, performing auto-shutdowns when necessary and sending data and service alerts to the operator.

The ARO Controller improves upon the ARO EXP pump by introducing a closed-loop system with proprietary logic to ensure the pump is fully primed. This results in a dispensing or batching system with plus or minus one percent repeatability. The ARO Controller also features an easy-to-use interface that is pre-programmed with eight languages.

The ARO Controller can operate two pumps simultaneously, each with up to two batches; detect leaks; sense and respond to liquid levels, accurately control proportions and control flow rates.

Fluid handling
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