Adjustable Rotary Level Indicator Features Adjustable Coupling

BinMaster introduces a new adjustable rotary level indicator for use as a high-level indicator in bins, tanks and silos. This top-mounted rotary features an adjustable coupling that can be moved up and down the length of a rigid shaft extension, which allows the rotary to be adjusted to accommodate differing levels.

The coupling can be adjusted from 6 inches to 72 inches depending on the length of the rigid extension. Changing the desired high-level alert in the vessel can occur when material levels are adjusted seasonally or when the material in the bin is alternated and a different level of inventory is desired. The ability to adjust the coupling allows managers to make changes to the high-level alert without entering the bin, changing out or replacing the device.

The adjustable rotary feature is available for both the BMRX and MAXIMA+ rotary power pacs. These point-level indicators include a screw-off cover for access to internal components and dual-conduit entrances to simplify wiring. Standard features include a switch selectable, high/low fail-safe to alert to power loss and a de-energizing motor for extended operational life.

Powders and solids
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