Steel-Reinforced Pipe Handles Rugged Cyclic Loading Environments

FlexSteel Pipeline Technologies’ FlexSteel pipe is now available in 8-inch diameter up to 1,500 psi. The new larger-diameter pipe offers up to 125 percent increased flow rate compared to FlexSteel 6-inch pipe.

The 8-inch diameter FlexSteel was developed with the same helically wound steel core as existing FlexSteel pipe for failure-free performance with the durability of steel and the installation, performance and cost benefits of flexible pipe products.

Developed with corrosion-resistant technology, FlexSteel pipe has been designed to perform under grueling cyclic loading environments and installs up to five times faster than traditional steel line pipe to provide the lowest total cost of ownership compared to steel. Additionally, the 8-inch pipe has 93 percent fewer connections per mile versus steel.

FlexSteel can be installed in all types of terrain with minimal disruption to land. It does not require special bedding or handling. FlexSteel spooled pipe is used in various applications including oil and gas, water and CO2 transportation.