Solenoid Valves Offer Improved SCADA System Drop-Out Current Performance

ASCO Numatics announced two new products at the Emerson Global Users Exchange 2013. ASCO introduced an improved range of 0.55-watt low-power solenoid valves and a stainless steel redundant control system. 

The new 0.55 watt low-power solenoid valves have improved SCADA system drop-out current performance and extend the range to include four additional valve series. ASCO 0.55-watt low-power solenoid valves are now compatible with all 24V control systems with a leakage current less than 1.8mA, which covers nearly the entire installed base in North America.  

The new additions to the range include two-way Normally Closed 8262H and 8223H 300 series valves and four-way dual solenoid 8344H 300 series valves. Low-power technology adoption is suitable in  upstream oil and gas applications where power consumption is critical, such as in remote natural gas wellhead automation packages or remote tank monitoring systems.

With the introduction of the new ASCO stainless steel redundant control system (RCS), ASCO has extended its offerings in pilot valve safety into corrosive environments and upstream oil and gas applications. The system is SIL 3 capable, which was designed to reduce spurious trip rates and improve overall safety system integrity.

The system also features 316L stainless steel valve bodies and pressure switches, making it suitable for use with dry natural gas and other aggressive media applications.  Sharing the same control logic as the RCS, it achieves a high level of process safety and reliability by using a redundant, fault tolerant architecture, high diagnostic coverage and automated testing. A keyed bypass allows for easy on-line maintenance of the RCS without process interruption.

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