Rotary Airlock Valves Feature Tool-Less Access to the Rotor

ACS Valves introduces a new line of cast iron rotary airlock valves designed to provide to general industry the same primary process optimization benefits typically associated with high-end, specialty-application valve designs.

This new line of ACS cast-iron rotary airlock valves features the ACS RotorRail that enables tool-less access to the rotor and all internal surfaces of the housing without time-consuming disassembly of the rotor or the removal from service of upstream or downstream equipment commonly associated with standard valve configurations.

The ASC cast-iron rotary airlock valve with RotorRail has shown was designed to reduce rotor service cycle times by 78 percent. The ACS RotorRail feature of these valves also was designed to ensure accurate rotor re-alignment during re-assembly, eliminating axial shaft movement.

These ACS rotary airlock valves are available in sizes from 6 inches to 16 inches, with pressure differentials up to 15 PSIG, and temperature tolerance up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Rotor configurations include closed-end, metering, shallow-pocket, Teflon-coated and adjustable-tip. Adjustable rotor tips are available in stainless steel, hardened steel or bronze. Interior surface coating options include hard chrome and Teflon.

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