Redesigned Gear Pump Line Offers Enhanced Pressure Capabilities

Maag redesigned all components in its pump portfolio, including gears, shafts, bearings and seals. The pumps’ improved volumetric efficiency makes it possible to operate at reduced rpm, shear rates and temperatures, resulting in a narrower residence time distribution. This can improve production rates, polymer quality and pump life, while reducing energy consumption by as much as 5 percent to 10 percent.

In addition, enhanced pressure capabilities allow finer filter meshes to be used further down the line. A higher volumetric efficiency and fewer pulsations facilitate a constant quality and output of the final product.

Given its increased operating range, Maag’s new gear pumps will enable manufacturers to branch out into the production of a wider variety of products since they can handle up to as much as five orders of magnitude of viscosity, according to the company.

Maag also offers alternative housing designs for its polymer extraction pumps, with matching interfaces to older pump generations. The portfolio includes multiple sizes covering throughput ranges from a few kg/h up to 100 t/h with application-optimized design options. Sizes 250 and above will be available at launch, while others will be introduced in the course of 2014.

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