Peristaltic Pump Parameters Available Via Touchscreen

KD Scientific recently introduced its Allegro peristaltic pump system. This new pumping system allows continuous flow pumping for various fluids. The system can dispense in forward or reverse direction using the touchscreen display. Additionally, all parameters are clearly displayed on the touchscreen. The unit can be configured for your specific flow profile using the programmable multi-step operations available right on the pump.

Other system features include the Masterflex L/S Easy-Load II pump head, user-configurable multi-step operation, stackable sealed remote pump drive with IP 32 rating and automatic tubing calibration procedures.

The system is available in three models. The Allegro I uses a single channel pump head with flow rates up to 1,500 ml/min. The Allegro II  uses a two-channel pump head offering two individual flows or one combined flow up to 720 ml/min. The Allegro III uses two single-channel pump heads offering two individual flows or one combined flow up to 2,000 ml/min.

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