Imaging Particle Analysis System Eliminates Manual Sampling

Fluid Imaging’s new At-Line FlowCAM ES imaging particle analysis system automatically extracts, dilutes and runs samples from within the production or processing line. The system has been designed to eliminate manual sampling, speed the process and promote maximum line uptime while removing the risk of human error in data acquisition.

Fluid Imaging will introduce the system March 17 at Pittcon 2013 booth #3448 in Philadelphia. The self-contained FlowCAM Engineered System (ES) automatically detects thousands of particles and microorganisms in seconds; takes a high-resolution, full-color digital image of each particle or microorganism; and reveals the size and shape using more than 30 different measurement parameters in real time. The FlowCAM ES may be monitored and operated remotely from anywhere in the world and its images and data can be shared by email with colleagues at different locations.

Available custom-configured for smooth integration with each installation, the automated FlowCAM ES is suitable for analyzing chemicals, biofuels, drilling fluids, foods, beverages and other liquids and slurries processed in fully automated production environments, including cleanroom and critical environments.

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