Food-Grade Hoses Handle High-Static Applications

Kuriyama of America’s new line of Tigerflex Voltbuster food-grade material-handling hoses have been designed for high-static applications such as the transfer of powders, pellets and other granular materials.

The hose’s design helps dissipate static charges to ground, helping prevent static build-up and reducing the potential for dangerous electrostatic discharges. They have been constructed with static dissipative plastic materials, allowing for the free flow of static to the hose’s embedded grounding wire.

The light-weight design of the hoses can help reduce injuries related to heavier metal hoses.

The hose-tube construction includes abrasion-resistant food-grade polyurethane to ensure the purity of transferred materials. In addition, the grounding wire has been encapsulated in a rigid PVC helix on the exterior of the hose, eliminating the risk of contaminating the transferred materials.

Powders and solids
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