Combination Cradle Absorbs Impacts in Conveyor Loading Zones

Martin Engineering has released the EVO combinational cradle with steel-reinforced impact bars and adjustable wing supports to match standard trough angles of 20º, 35º or 45º.

To minimize drag on drive motors, the cradles can be ordered with center rollers instead of center impact bars. Eccentrics have been built into the supports to deliver five degrees of wear adjustment, so the alignment between wings and idlers can be optimized for effective transfer point sealing.

Combination cradles are typically installed so the bars or rollers in the center are slightly below the unloaded belt’s line of travel. This helps the belt absorb impact but avoids continuous drag and unnecessary wear if the conveyor is running empty.

Combination cradles are available to fit belts from 24 inches to 72 inches (50-200 cm) wide and may have as few as four impact bars or as many as 16, depending on cradle size and center roll option. Two-bar constructions are available. Both have steel or aluminum reinforcement, with an absorption layer and a sliding layer of UHMW polyethylene, which delivers a 0.5 coefficient of friction.

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