Nonconductive Thermoplastic Hose Designed To Withstand Harsh Environments

In response to customer demand, Parker Hannifin’s Parflex engineers have developed 518D nonconductive thermoplastic hose to withstand harsh environments, both internally and externally. The 518D hose has a new core material that is more resistant to permeation and an outer jacket that has significant abrasion resistance.

Many end users are using hydraulic fluids with aggressive additives that move through the hose over time (permeation). The core material in 518D is highly resistive to the permeation of these fluids. In addition, Parflex gave the 518D a special reinforcement package to reduce the reinforcement diameter, allowing for an increase in the thickness of the special PFX cover. In lab studies, this improvement has shown to provide as much as 5 times more abrasion resistance than the current thermoplastic hoses used in this application.

The hoses are available in 1/8-of-an-inch, 3/16-of-an-inch and one-quarter-inch sizes.