Level Sensor Monitors Bin-Level Measurement Data

Master Level Controls has released the SmartBob AO level sensor with an integrated 4-20 mA analog output to a PLC for monitoring bin-level measurement data. A push-button user interface built into the SmartBob AO circuitry configures the settings for each SmartBob AO.

To set up the SmartBob AO, the user opens the device to access the keypad and steps through a series of push-button settings to set the interval timer, units of measure, 4 mA and 20 mA drop distances, maximum drop distance and the Relay 1 and 2 functions. Once setup is complete, measurement data is sent directly to a PLC, with all settings for the bin saved in the nonvolatile memory of the SmartBob AO.

The interval timer setting initiates a measurement in predetermined time intervals such as every two, four or eight hours. When a measurement is needed immediately, an external start input can be used to initiate a measurement on demand.

Additionally, an override input feature can be used to turn the measurement feature off, disabling the measurement function. The override feature is useful when filling tanks to avoid covering the SmartBob probe with material or to stop measurements when a bin is undergoing maintenance or cleaning. The SmartBob AO features two relays that are configurable by the user, unlike competitive products that only have one relay, making the SmartBob AO more flexible and providing more data to the end user.

Powders and solids
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