Dual-Shaft Mixer Provides Working Capacity Up To 30 Gallons

Charles Ross & Son Co. introduces the new model CDA-30C portable dual-shaft mixer with a working capacity of 10 gallons to 30 gallons. An air/oil hydraulic lift raises and lowers the agitators, which features a 3-hp two-wing anchor and a 5-hp high-speed disperser.

Because each agitator is independently controlled, the system is extremely versatile in terms of fine-tuning shear levels and flow patterns over a wide viscosity range. Typical applications include pastes, gels, suspensions, slurries and other viscous dispersions.

The vacuum-rated mix can is jacketed for heating and cooling purposes. To ensure high-quality heat transfer, hinged Teflon scrapers are attached to the wings of the anchor agitator for wiping the sidewalls and cone-shaped vessel bottom. A Type J thermoprobe installed on the mixer cover extends to the center of the batch for accurate temperature monitoring.

Temperature, speeds, vacuum level and other readouts are located in the NEMA 4X purged operator control panel. The CDA-30C is mounted on a stainless-steel support frame with locking casters designed for complete portability and stability when in use.

Powders and solids
Product Type:
Mixing, blending
Charles Ross & Son Company