Containment System Transports Hazardous Liquids

Georg Fischer Piping Systems has introduced the new Double-See containment system for transporting hazardous liquids. The pressure-rated double containment system offers a patented closure coupling design that allows conformance to the ASME B31.3 test inspection requirements and a 3D thermal expansion compensation feature. 
Featuring versatile installation options, assembled and tested fittings, and a unique pipe cut-length guidance system, the Double-See is available with a complete selection of pipe, fittings, leak detection and access tees, closure couplings and termination fittings. System size options range from ½ inch x 2 inch to 6 inch x 10 inch, meeting most application requirements.
The Double-See Containment System piping systems are suitable for a wide range of applications including water and waste water treatment, chemical delivery, dosing and processing, microelectronics, life sciences, metal working/finishing, and waste collection. They also fulfill local, state and federal environmental and safety regulations.

Fluid handling
Product Type:
Pipe, tubing and fittings