Sealer And Welder Work With TPE Tubing

AdvantaPure has introduced the AdvantaTube Sealer and the AdvantaTube Sterile Welder. The two machines, specifically designed for biopharmaceutical process applications, are preprogrammed to seal and weld the company’s biopharmaceutical-grade TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) tubing, AdvantaFlex.

The sterile welder produces tubing welds where two open ends are heated and joined to form a leak-free, single length. It maintains sterility of wet, dry, or fluid-filled tubing and works with gamma irradiated and autoclaved AdvantaFlex. Featuring an average cycle time of three minutes, the welder includes heat and time settings for AdvantaFlex tubing, although settings for other TPE tubing are available.

AdvantaPure’s sealer includes a 10-foot cord that connects to a base and allows users to bring the remote sealing head to the tubing. Operation is not restricted to a specific location as with other tabletop based tubing sealers. The unit uses heat and compression to securely seal fluid-filled or unfilled tubing in 90 to 120 seconds.

The sealer and sterile welder work with tubing wall thicknesses from 0.0625 to 0.125 inches and are designed for tubing with an O.D. of up to 0.75 inches. Both are supplied with certificates of compliance and one-year warranties. In addition to standard 110-VAC power inputs, 230-VAC and various plug adaptors are available.

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