Bulk Bag Filling System Features Pallet Dispenser

Flexicon has launched its new Dual Bulk Bag Filling System, which integrates two Swing-Down Bulk Bag Fillers with its Pallet Dispenser and Powered Roller Conveyors. The new product allows safe, high-capacity filling of bulk bags of all popular sizes. Programmable controls allow the fillers to operate separately or simultaneously, filling bags of the same size or two different sizes.

When a filling cycle is initiated, dispenser forks lower the stack of pallets onto the roller conveyor, withdraw from the bottom one and raise any that remain. Equipped with photoelectric eyes, the roller conveyor moves the dispensed pallet into position below the filling station. Operators at floor level can then attach bag straps to automated latches, slide the bag spout over an inflatable spout seal, and press a spout seal inflation button. 

The system automatically pivots the bag connection frame back to horizontal, raises the entire fill head, inflates the bag to remove creases, finishes filling at dribble feed rate, deflates the spout seal, releases the bag loops, raises the fill head to disengage the spout, rolls the bag out of the filling area, and rolls a new pallet into place to begin another cycle.

It also features an annular gap inside of the fill head spout that directs displaced air and dust during the filling operation to a single point connection. Components can be constructed to industrial, food, dairy and pharmaceutical standards. The system is offered with the company's own mechanical or pneumatic material delivery system integrated with the user's upstream process equipment or other material source.  
Powders and solids
Product Type:
Feeding, dispensing and dosing