Level Alarm Handles Wet And Corrosive Environments

Gizmo Engineering introduces a new compact tank level alarm that is designed to be used in corrosive and wet environments, including sewage tanks. The level alarm features a float switch that triggers a high-visibility flashing beacon light, while a loud buzzer’s warbling tone is able to cut through noise.

Gizmo’s level alarm is designed to protect the float inside the pipe from getting stuck, jammed or trapped, while a screen keeps out debris and solids. Able to fit in openings as small as 1-inch NPT, the device features uninterruptible battery power that provides immunity to power failures. The supplied battery can last 10 years, while an optional battery can last up to 20 years.

Features also include low battery monitor, buzzer silence button, snooze alarm, test function inside the device. The unit also can be configured in the field to provide “shutoff” mode for filling tanks, delayed output, and external outputs. Other options include a redundant upper float, remote pushbutton box, screened-in floats, and wireless transmitter.

Fluid handling
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Tanks and vessels