Pneumatic Conveying System Weighs Bulk Solids

Flexicon has introduced the Pneumati-Con vacuum dilute-phase pneumatic conveying system, a gain-in-weight filling system that enables free-flowing bulk solids to be conveyed, weighed and discharged into bulk bags. With a filter receiver mounted on load cells, the Pneumati-Con can weigh incoming material at high rates, and then at steady, dribble-feed rates before final weight is reached.

To removes creases in bulk bags, the Pneumati-Con system features a bag inflation blower. Once the slide gate valve at the outlet of the filter receiver is opened, weighed batches are gravity discharged into bags at high rates. A vibratory deck densifies material to stabilize bags, while final weight is confirmed using a secondary set of load cells.

The unit also incorporates a port within discharge spout vents, which displaces air and dust to a remote bag house. Once operators remove the filled bags, empty bags can be attached while subsequent batches are conveyed to the filter receiver and weighed for a new cycle.

Powders and solids
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