Tank Cleaner Fits Small Openings

The TankJet 19 fluid driven tank cleaner’s slim design helps clean tanks with openings as small as 2 in. (51 mm). With a 7/8-in. (22 mm) probe, it can clean tanks with even smaller bungholes. Said to be ideal for keg and drum cleaning, TankJet 19 cleans tanks up to 12-ft (3.6 m) in diameter. Solid stream orifices are precisely drilled and placed to provide four spray coverage options: 180° up, 180° down, 270° down or 360°. Slow rotation speeds of 3 to 15 rpm increase dwell time on tank surface to provide better cleaning than free-spinning nozzles.
Fluid handling
Product Type:
Tanks and vessels
Spraying Systems Co.