Acoustic Cleaner Helps Prevent Dry-Particulate Build-Up

Martin Engineering has introduced a new addition to its family of flow aid products. The Martin Sonic Horn is an acoustic cleaner that was designed to reduce system downtime, maintenance and operating costs, while improving performance and prolonging equipment life.

Acoustic cleaning can help avoid structural fatigue or damage, prevent dry particulate build-up and increases system efficiency. It can be particularly useful around pipes and behind obstacles. Its sonic energy de-bonds particulates with a 360-degree sweep, cleaning inaccessible parts.

Sonic horns work by producing a low-frequency, high-pressure sound wave, which is created when compressed air flexes a titanium diaphragm in the sound generator. This sound wave is then magnified as it is emitted through the cleaner’s bell. The sound pressure causes dry particulate deposits to resonate and become fluidized, allowing them to be removed by constant gas flow or gravity. 

There are two models of the sonic horn available.The Martin Model D-75 Sonic Horn has a fundamental frequency of 75 Hz and measures 92.07 inches (2339 mm) in length and weighs190 pounds (86.2 kg). This model has a wavelength of 14.75 feet (4.5 m). The Martin Model D-230 Sonic Horn (230 Hz fundamental frequency) features a wavelength of 4.75 feet (1.5 m) and is 27.5 inches long (698.5 mm). It weighs 54.27 pounds (24.6 kg).

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