Magnetic Mixers Operate Safely When Dry

Alfa Laval has expanded its mixing portfolio with the launch of magnetic mixers that feature a magnetically coupled levitating impeller. Alfa Laval magnetic mixers include a design that delivers friction-free mixing and the ability to run safely when dry. With dry running, Alfa Laval magnetic mixers can continue to blend until every last drop of product drains from the tank, helping to ensure maximum yield.

The impeller levitates on a magnetic field at all times, whether at standstill or in motion, so there is no direct contact between bearing surfaces. That, in turn, means the impeller can safely run dry, continuing to mix effectively until all product is drained while ensuring minimal wear and maintenance.

The impeller’s eight-wing design can deliver efficient mixing even at very low speeds for gentle product treatment. The levitating impeller can help make cleaning the mixer easier. The free-flowing cleaning solution helps remove product residues and drains completely after cleaning and rinsing.

The levitation of the impeller and the eight-wing design make it possible to mix at velocities ranging from 10 rpm to 600 rpm. This flexibility enables the same mixer to handle a wide range of fluid types and mixing duties, such as high intensity mixing and gentle product mixing.

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