Electronic Latching Valve Suited For Green Designs

Alcon, a leading manufacturer of solenoid valves and subsidiary of ITT Corp., has announced an energy efficient solenoid valve for general purpose markets. "ITT-Alcon has been a leading manufacturer of specialty latching actuators for specific market segments, including the plunger-lift industry," said Nate Maguire, Alcon product manager. "Recently, ITT has modified and improved this technology allowing us to introduce this new general purpose, energy efficient valve."

A standard two way normally closed solenoid valve must be energized continuously to remain open. The reciprocal is true for normally open valves. However, constant draw to operate the solenoid drains batteries and consumes more energy than necessary. ITT- Alcon’s latching valve operates using a 50 millisecond pulse, eliminating the constant energy draw. This means that periods of prolonged valve inactivity require no power. Any application requiring infrequent valve switching would be a prime application for this type of energy efficient valve.

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