Hytrel-Lined PVC Tubing Suits Harsh Environments

Hytrel-lined PVC tubing, designed to provide the flexibility and durability of PVC with the properties of Hytrel, is now available from NewAge Industries.

The tubing is said to be useful in applications where different performance is needed for the inside and outside of the tube, such as Hytrel’s oil resistance in a harsh environment where the durability of PVC is called for. Typical uses include air sampling, computer equipment, appliances and vending machines, lawn and garden equipment, propane gas delivery, and general fluid transfer.

Hytrel-lined PVC tubing is manufactured from FDA-approved ingredients for use with food contact surfaces and is odorless, tasteless, and inert. It offers low permeability of refrigerant gases and hydrocarbons and resists ozone, moisture, and UV The Hytrel liner also resists chemical attack and the adherence of particulates.

The tubing’s black PVC jacket provides flexibility along with shock, abrasion, and UV resistance. It helps insulate the tubing from electronic interference as well.

Fluid handling
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Pipe, tubing and fittings
NewAge Industries, Inc.