Rectangular Screen Features Cellular Construction

Sweco recently introduced the Fusion Rectangular Screen.   The Fusion Rectangular features a cellular construction which utilizes a robust cage design reinforced with high-tensile-strength steel rods.  These frames balance durability with strength, resulting in enhanced performance including more efficient conveyance of solids compared with traditional glued rectangular screens.

The complex robotic construction associated with Fusion Screens creates precise repeatable tensioning providing more consistency from screen to screen. Fusion Screens have been designed to eliminate the use of adhesive, epoxy or silicone in screen manufacturing. Instead, the mesh is “fused” directly into the patented polymer constructed frame. The robot construction also allows for rapid turnaround time so you get your screens faster.

Fusion Screens weigh less than metal-frame screens, and the one-time use frame is disposable, reducing inventory and saving handling and shipping costs associated with returning frames for rescreen. Fusion Rectangular Screens are available in 2’ x 4’ and 3’ x 4’ sizes.

Powders and solids
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