Ultrasonic Flowmeter is Portable, Fast And Reliable

Flexim's new portable flowmeter Fluxus F601 is the successor of Fluxus ADM 6725. The clamp-on flowmeter (NEMA 4X housing) enables non-invasive flow measurement with ultrasound. Clamp-on-transducers are rapidly fixed on the pipe, no process interruption is needed for commissioning. Only two transducer pairs are needed to cover the diameters most common in industrial applications (1/2" to 96" OD), the full transducer range covers ¼" tubing to 20-foot penstocks. With the new F601, no zeroing procedure is necessary since calibration data and transducer parameters are saved in a transducer internal memory and automatically sent to the electronic unit upon connection.

F601 also features advanced battery management. The new Lithium ions battery allows for more than 14 hours of battery-powered measurement. The remaining battery capacity is displayed and helps planning measuring campaigns realistically.

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