Positive Displacement Pump Improves Plant Efficiency

As companies within the processing industry seek out new ways of improving plant efficiency in response to economic challenges, SPX Process Equipment has responded with the introduction of a Bran + Luebbe positive displacement pump: the ProCam Smart.

Available in four models offering flow rates ranging from 5l/h to 500l/h and suitable for pressures up to 20 bar, the ProCam Smart combines the benefits of Bran + Luebbe metering/dosing technology with a low initial investment cost. Designed for a range of general purpose metering duties where both non-hazardous and hazardous liquids are to be handled, the ProCam Smart uses standard components throughout. For processing plants where a number of these pumps are in operation, this means potential savings can be made on stockholding and maintenance.

The ProCam Smart is a hermetically closed pump containing a mechanically operated PTFE double diaphragm arrangement, the performance status of which can be monitored. The ProCam Smart is well suited for all those duties where leakage cannot be tolerated for health and safety reasons, or where product loss needs to be minimized in order to optimize material usage.

Fluid handling
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SPX Process Equipment