Sealless Pump Features a Thrust-controlled Design for Bi-directional Pump Operations

Viking Pumps’ Universal Mag Drive series adds a sealless option to the Universal Series product line. The Mag Drive Series has a dimensionally interchangeable footprint with Viking’s Heavy Duty Bracketed packed and sealed pumps, so it is simple to upgrade existing pumps. The sealless pump features a thrust-controlled design that allows short-term, run-dry capabilities and bi-directional pump operation for enhanced application flexibility.

Available in cast iron, steel and stainless steel, the sealless pumps eliminate seal leakage and environmental concerns, along with downtime due to seal replacement. They are designed for hazardous, hard-to-seal liquids or for applications where low maintenance is a requirement. The adjustable rotor clearance enables high volumetric efficiency, whether pumping thin or viscous liquids. Extended pump life is made possible with Viking’s in-canister bushing and hollow shaft design, which generates positive internal cooling flow.

The Universal Mag Drive series includes multiple port location options, sizes, types and ratings including threaded, flat- and raised-face flanged. Jacketing options are also available. The series currently offers flow rates of up to 45 M3/Hr (200 GPM), with pressures up to 14 Bar (200 PSI) and temperatures ranging from -51ºC to 260ºC (-60ºF to 500ºF). Capacities up to 114 M3/Hr (500 GPM) will be available later this year.

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