Used Oil Collection Tanks Comply With EPA Standards

Snyder Industries Inc.’s new used-oil collection tanks feature a unique tank-in-a-tank containment system that provides 120% containment of the tanks contents. The primary tank is black, and the outer containment tank is safety yellow. The tank complies with the latest EPA standards for waste oil storage containers - CFR-40-279.2.

Additional features include a 2-inch top-draw quick-connect drain coupling, a 12-inch hinged lockable manway for indoor or outdoor security, and a debris strainer basket. An optional Tank Level Indicator is also available.
The tank, which is made of 100% recyclable polyethylene, won’t rust, chip or dent. The system is available in 120-, 150-, 275-, 360- and 500-gallons sizes.

Snyder Industries Inc., a manufacturer of plastic and steel bulk storage, processing and transportation tank systems, incorporates polyethylene and steel tank constructions in its bulk-storage systems.

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