Flexible Silos Provide Tailor-Made Solutions For Bulk Solids Storage

Spiroflow Systems, Inc.’s economic range of flexible silos provide tailor-made solutions for quick, efficient and safe storing of bulk solids and ingredients in most industries.
The  ‘Spirostore’ Flexible Silos are made of a robust, durable and yet flexible polyester fabric supported on a steel frame. The silos can store up to 7,000 ft3 of dry bulk material and support weights up to 90,000 lbs.
The flexible silos can be adapted to suit each customer’s specific requirements in terms of space available, exact product specifications and how the product should be discharged..
The silos are suitable for almost any indoor or other weatherproof location and can be connected to any type of Spiroflow Flexible Screw, Aero Mechanical, Pneumatic, and Vacuum Conveyor Systems to fill and/or empty the stored material.
Powders and solids
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