Powder Packaging Equipment Increases Response Time

WeighPack Systems Inc. (WeighPack) introduces the Star Auger Filling Machine. Available in two models (Star 100 and Star 200), the Star Auger is ideal for filling a variety of granular and powdered products like coffee, powdered sugar, flour and chemicals alike.

Equipped with a servo-drive motor (as compared to clutch/brake or inverted gear AC motors on conventional augers) and a newly integrated PLC function, the Star Auger is now more accurate, has a noticeable increase in response time and reduces electrical interference when coupled with auxiliary packaging equipment. Featuring automatic feed back adjustment, you can place the finished package on a scale to be checked-weighed, the Star Auger will adjust the auger screw automatically to stabilize any weight deviations. A viewing glass allows the operator to see how much product is left in the hopper.

Available in 26- and 50-liter hoppers, the Star Auger can run at speeds of up to 80 cycles per minute with a filling weight of up to 1000g. Options available include double catch door mechanism, level sensing controls and stainless steel stand.  Easily integrates with any type of bagger or inline indexing conveyor.