Ultrasonic Level Transmitter/Switch Features Variable GAP Technology for Stable Readings in Challenging Environments

K-TEK announced the Ksonik Micro, a compact, low cost, ultrasonic level transmitter/switch designed for liquid and bulk solids level applications. The Ksonik Micro features Variable GAP technology that allows the instrument to work even in the presence of dust, vapor, or foam. Variable GAP technology also provides the narrowest beam angle in the industry, less than four degrees; this allows the transmitter to make accurate measurements in narrow vessels. The Ksonik Micro features an electronic filter that removes ambient noise, such as from falling rocks and grain. Integrated KSCOPE display provides detailed data and trends, including echo profiles. Adjustable threshold means level measurements can be made even with H-beams present in a silo.

The Ksonik Micro measures liquid levels to 32.8 feet (10 meters) and bulk solids to 16 feet (five meters). Blanking distances have been shortened to less than one foot. A4-20 mA output is standard for remote indication or remote control. A single pole-double throw (SPDT) relay can be used to activate alarms and pumps.

Prices start at $590. The data sheet can be downloaded here.

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