Oversized Chambers Prevent Float Damage and Erratic Measurements in the Presence of Vapors or Dirty Fluids

The KM26 is a rugged, non-contact, liquid level gauge designed for corrosive, flammable, and toxic environments. The magnetically coupled gauge avoids direct contact with liquids, thereby eliminating problems with coating, plating, fouling, fugitive emissions, hazardous material leaks, and dirty or colorless fluids, common with standard sight glasses. The new Oversized Chamber options provide extra clearance between the float and chamber wall. Guide rods are placed inside the chamber to keep the float's magnet near the indicator while providing a larger annulus. This allows vapor to pass when flashing occurs, alleviating the potential for erratic measurements and damaged floats. The Oversized Chambers can also be used for measuring very dirty fluids, where small, suspended solids can clog the chamber and potentially cause complications.

The KM26 Magnetic Level Gauge features the largest range of Oversized Chamber options in the industry. The widest array of chamber materials includes nearly 30 types, from Stainless Steel to Incoloy to Titanium. The KM26 can be constructed in pipe schedules from 10 to 120, with pipe diameter sizes from two inches to 12 inches. Gauge chambers can handle extreme temperatures, such as boiler and heater applications that run as high as 1000°F (538°C) and cryogenic applications that run as low as -320°F (-195°C). The gauges can also handle extreme pressures, from vacuum to 4500 psig.

The data sheet can be downloaded here.

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