Gore Products Covers a Range of Sealing and Fluid Handling Requirements

A line of products from W. L. Gore and Associates covers a full range of sealing and fluid handling requirements. Utilizing PTFE technologies, the Gore products are well-suited for chemical, food and pharmaceutical applications involving temperatures up to 600 F (315 C) and pressures up to 3,000 psi. The line features tight-sealing gaskets that provide seal reliability, conform to irregular surfaces and protect flanges. Engineered to deliver superior bolt load retention and achieve creep resistance for reliable sealing of flanges, the gaskets deliver the lowest stress-to-seal, even in plastic- and glass-lined flanges.  The universal pipe gasket is used across major piping classes, including steel, glass-lined steel and FRP. Gore's gasketing products also include sheet gasketing, form-in-place gasketing and gasket tapes. W. L. Gore also offers compression packings and valve stem packings for pumps, which protect against unexpected failure and costly plant downtime. The one-piece, one-up pump diaphragms are specially designed for long-life performance in AOD pumps.

Fluid handling
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Seals and packing
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