Bench-Top Analyzer Receives an Upgrade

Arizona Instrument announced the release of the next generation of bench-top moisture and ash analyzers, the Computrac MAX 5000XL. The MAX 5000XL advances the state of the art in rapid moisture and ash analysis with a new temperature controlled balance and high temperature lift compensation algorithm that provides users with more stable and accurate measurements. The new instrument also features a temperature ramp control feature that allows the MAX 5000XL to be used for qualitative analyses that were previously only possible using a thermogravimetric analyzer (TGA).

The new MAX 5000XL features the same intuitive user interface and rugged design as its predecessor the MAX 5000. Improvements to the design and high temperature performance of the balance system of the MAX 5000XL now make it possible to accurately analyze materials with ash concentrations of as little as 0.5%. The calibrated, instrument specific, high temperature lift compensation algorithm replaces the static lift compensation factor of previous models, resulting in more precise readings during ash/L.O.I. analyses.

The new temperature ramp control feature of the MAX 5000XL allows the user to capture the weight loss of a sample during a precisely controlled temperature change. Information gained from this test is similar to a scan performed by a more expensive thermogravimetric analyzer. This new feature effectively transforms the MAX 5000XL into a dual use instrument capable of quantitatively testing for moisture and ash and qualitatively testing for the presence of certain organic or inorganic ingredients, and the degradation temperature of the material under test.

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Arizona Instrument