Stroke Rate Controller Is Capable of Variable Control of Fluid Flow

The V-300 stroke rate controller is capable of variable control of fluid flow from 0 up to 4 L/min in both forward and reverse. In addition, membrane switches can start and stop the pump without the need for re-adjustment of stroke rate settings. The controller operates on 100-240V 50/60 Hz and is CSA, CSA-US, and CE rated. The unit is compatible with the RHV, QV, QVG and Q2V Ratio:Matic pump models providing flow ranges from 0 to 4 L/min (60 gal/hr) at pressures up to 100 psig (6.9 bar). When used with the Q2V Ratio: Matic Dual Pump Drive, exceptional proportional metering of two fluids, up to 500:1 ratio, can be accomplished. The V300 electronics are housed in a rugged anodized enclosure ideal for both bench top and wall mounting in laboratory, process and production environments. Fluid Metering is certified as compliant with ISO 9001 quality standards.
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Fluid Components International