Glass-lined Agitator Blades Improve Mixing Results

De Dietrich Process Systems' glass-lined agitator blade design, which combines the advantages of hydrofoil agitator blades and trapezoidal agitator blades for improved mixing in glass-lined vessels, is now available.

The geometry of the blade, trademarked OptiFoil, is said to maximize the pumping action required for homogenization, suspension, heat transfer and crystallization of fragile particles. Furthermore, the shape of the blade produces effective mixing of minimum product volumes, creates strong flow at the reactor bottom, and facilitates evacuation of the vessel by reducing the gap between the blades and the bottom of the reactor, keeping particles in suspension while they exit the vessel.

According to the company, the blades can mix a minimum of five gallons in a 500-gallon vessel and 20 gallons in a 4000-gallon vessel.

In addition, the blades can mix higher viscosity liquids than can hydrofoil blades or standard flat blades and produce axial and radial flow characteristics that are suitable for virtually every process.

Engineered for use in glass-lined steel vessels, OptiFoil blades are available as an option on one-piece glass-lined mixers, or as removable blades when used in conjunction with the company's GlasLock interchangeable glass-lined agitator blade system. A range of sizes allows matching of the blades to the process and vessel capacity.

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