Loss-in-weight Screw Feeder Provides Accurate Weighing

The Thayer Scale Sanitary PF-LC-S is a large-capacity, loss-in-weight screw feeder designed for accurate and uniform feeding of a wide range of materials, from free flowing to fine cohesive powders. Made from high quality stainless steel, the Sanitary PF-LC-S is corrosive resistant and appropriate for the processing of food products, such as pet food, cereals, chips and snacks.

The Sanitary PF-LC-S was developed for applications that require fast, easy and thorough cleaning out of materials, to prevent spoiling and cross-contamination. The Feeder can be completely disassembled, without the use of tools, in less than one minute. The rugged stainless steel construction ensures years of reliable, trouble-free operation.

The “U-trough” feed chamber with an independently driven agitator provides precise, reliable delivery of material to the feed screw. It also eliminates material build-up, controls material aeration and delivers a steady constant flow of material.

Weight loss is measured by an accurate, high output electronic force measurement sensor. The LC-137 Weight Resolver is a force measuring device designed specifically for use with Thayer Scale weighing systems.