Fluid Processors Available in Six Standardized Configurations

Microfluidics introduced six standardized offerings of the M-700 series Microfluidizer high-shear fluid processors. The M-7125 and M-7250 machines can be purchased in any of six standardized configurations designed to meet the needs of the biopharmaceutical industry.

Configurations begin with the standardized basic package, which includes a skid mounted pharma-grade feed pump, a sanitary flush diaphragm pressure transducer with digital readout and certified product contact surfaces, and range to an advanced constant pressure system, with facilities for aseptic processing, data acquisition and recording, closed loop temperature controlled product heat exchangers and real time product flow measurement.

In keeping with cGMP guidelines, all packages come with IQ/OQ documentation, a document turnover package, on-site start up and training and CE compliance.

As products evolve, myriad options are available that afford flexibility to the Basic package user. Options can be ordered if or when needed. These include pharma-grade heat exchangers, PLC control, temperature sensing with digital readouts, Ultra Clean In Place (UCIP) and motor starter panels.

Coupled with its patented fixed geometry interaction chambers, the M-700 series microfluidizer processors generate a controlled rate of shear which allows bacterial, plant and mammalian cells to be safely and efficiently disrupted while enabling the highest shear rates of any fluid processor on the market today to achieve the desired product quality for nano-emulsions and nano-dispersions in the least number of passes.

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