High-Temperature Bulk Powder Cooling System Features Water-cooled Tubing

Bulkflow Technologies Inc. has introduced a high-temperature bulk powder cooling technology.

The high-temperature model cools bulk solids with temperatures up to 1,000 ºC. For these high temperature applications, Bulkflow's innovative design uses horizontal water-cooled tubes as the heat exchange surface to minimise thermal stresses on the tubes and wall and accommodate thermal expansion.

High temperature solids flows slowly via gravity over the cooling tubes while being indirectly cooled. The benefit of a tube design compared to a plate design is that the geometry of the tube is perfectly uniform with even temperature distribution throughout the tube wall to avoid hot spots and high local stresses.

The new Bulkflow high temperature model can be used in industries that process very high temperature bulk solids such as pyrometallurgical processes for metal recovery, reactor discharges in the petrochemical industry and boiler ash in fluid bed combustion chambres as well as in catalyst processes.

The technology combines zero emissions, lower energy consumption and lower capital costs with exceptional results. Benefits include a gentle, improved product flow to prevent product attrition, prevention of potential caking in storage and improved packaging. Safe and compact, the system easily integrates on line to existing equipment.

For large capacities, the heat exchanger can be of modular construction with multiple banks mounted directly in series to achieve the full thermal duty. A combination unit with plate design is also optional for lower temperature.

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