Mass Flow Meter Features an Advanced “U” Tube Flow Sensor Design

With an advanced “U” tube flow sensor design, the Model CMU Coriolis Mass Flow Meter from Fluid Components International now delivers more than twice the industry standard flow rate than previously available to set a new benchmark when compared to other coriolis devices in its class. FCI's Model CMU flow meter combines large line size service, high flow rate capability and measurement accuracy.

Designed for line sizes from 0.25 to 12 inches (DN 8 to DN 300), the CMU measures flow rates from 2.2 to 80,800 lb/hr (60 to 2,200,00 kg/hr). The CMU provides true mass flow measurement with superior accuracy, while at the same time measuring fluid temperature, density and volumetric flow. The CMU's “U” tube flow sensor design features a lightweight tube, minimal welding and vibration dampening technology.

This design achieves higher long-term mechanical reliability and lower installation costs when compared to the typical heavy die-cast elements found in ordinary Coriolis devices. It also eliminates the bulky and costly extra structural supports often required to mount and secure other metering devices. The CMU's accuracy range is 0.1 to 0.15 percent in liquids (depending on line size) and 0.5 percent in gases (+ reading).

In applications where density measurement and/or with variable fluid densities, the CMU is available with special optional density calibrations. Selections include a three-point, or for greater accuracy, a five-point density calibration. A ruggedized full-featured transmitter, the Model CT is available to support the CMU flow meter.

Available as a blind transmitter or with an integral two-line LCD digital display, the transmitter is the electronics interface to the sensor and an array of analog and/or digital outputs.  Standard outputs include dual 4-20mA, one standard with HART, a frequency/pulse output of total flow, and a binary output of instrument status. Output options include Profibus-PA and a tamper-proof, custody transfer configuration that is sealed/certified, and prevents resetting of the internal totalizer. The CT can be mounted integral with the sensor or remote mounted up to 1000 feet (300 m) away.

With Model CMU, FCI expands Coriolis flow meter technology to serve a much broader range of applications in chemical, petrochemical, oil/gas, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, engine test stands, pilot plants and many more.

Many challenging process applications that could be improved or achieve cost savings with high accuracy Coriolis flow measurement have been long ignored because of line sizes, and flow rate limitations. Typical Coriolis Flow Meters have been limited to service in line sizes six inches or smaller and for use with benign fluids compatible with stainless steel or Hastelloy C.  FCI's new Coriolis flow meter product line overcomes these obstacles to expand the applications envelope for this technology.

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